Joshua Legal Art Gallery was mainly involved in promoting Malaysian, Singaporean and Indian contemporary arts. Taking note of the vacuum in the legal fraternity, the company gradually moved into the production and retailing of lawyer’s products in 2001.

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This new 4th edition of Delay and Disruption in Construction Contracts:-

• Presents detailed guidance on handling delays and disruption in construction and civil engineering projects
• Goes through the topic in chronological sequence, covering everything from inception and initial risk assessment to disputes and settlement
•Provides real solutions to problems likely to occur in construction projects
•Deals with the practice of change management and project control in construction projects
• Looks at planning and scheduling
• Examines the law of proof of causation in delay and disruption related claims
• Discusses how the latest versions of standard forms of contract deal with extensions of time and compensation for delay and disruption
• Covers exclusion clauses
• Explains how claims for delay, disruption, concurrency, parallelism, pacing, apportionment, total loss and modified total loss and time should be dealt with
• Looks at the recovery of management time and lost profits as damages
• Uses diagrams to clearly explain a wide range of issues – planning and scheduling risk, GMP, target cost, partnering and alliancing contracts, notices pacing and total time claims, forensic schedule analysis, visualisations, settlement and dispute resolution, concurrency, parallelism, apportionment, global claims, total loss and modified total loss and time claims
• Draws practical lessons from contemporary academic and legal theory on this topic
• Explains recent case law
• Deals with the law on this subject in England, Scotland, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand and the United States

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