Joshua Legal Art Gallery was mainly involved in promoting Malaysian, Singaporean and Indian contemporary arts. Taking note of the vacuum in the legal fraternity, the company gradually moved into the production and retailing of lawyer’s products in 2001.

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(Comes with free CD) Preface: “G.M. DIVEKAR’S PRACTICAL GUIDE TO DEEDS & DOCUMENTS”, which has run into Nine Editions in a short span of two decades, is already an established, reliable and recognised work on the subject. Previous editions of this practical guide have been highly appreciated and widely acclaimed by the esteemed and learned readers.
In this thoroughly Revised, Updated & Enlarged 10th Edition, while retaining its originality and highly appreciated and acclaimed features, an attempt has been made to make this renowned work the most comprehensive, contemporary, authentic and authoritative masterwork and practical guide on Deeds & Documents, Conveyancing, Drafting, Stamp Duty, eStamping, eForms, eFilings, eRegistrations with Appropriate Authorities, etc., to make this masterwork of immense practical utility for Draftsmen of Deeds & Documents, Deed-Writers, Copy-Writers, Advocates, Lawyers, Solicitors, Legal Practitioners, Consultants, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Legal Officers, Registering Authorities, Law Libraries, Bench and the Bar.
This thoroughly Revised, Updated & Enlarged 10th Edition takes full account of comprehensive Legal & Statutory Reforms in various Acts, Rules, Regulations, Case Laws, Precedents, Policy, Practice & Procedures concerning Drafting of Deeds & Documents, Revised and New Model, Specimen & Standard Forms, Stamp duty, eStamping, Lists of prescribed Forms, eForms, Filings, eFilings, Registrations and eRegistrations and eRegistrations of Deeds & Documents with Appropriate Authorities with authentic and authoritative sources and website references.” … – S.K. Kataria, Gaurav Sethi

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