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Kennedy and Rose on the Law of Salvage provides an in-depth explanation of all aspects of the law of salvage. It explains the underlying concepts of salvage so the principles on which disputes frequently turn are clear, discusses the relationship between English Law and the IMO’s Salvage Convention, and goes through all aspects of the salvage contract, including the standard salvage contract forms.

  • Examines the duties of each party and the consequences of misconduct
  • Looks at salvage payments, covering who is liable and how they are distributed
  • Presents coverage of awards of salvage arbitrators which dominate the actual “case law” of salvage matters
  • Considers underwater cultural property and treasure
  • Examines environmental issues and how they impact on contractual and liability issues in modern salvage operations
  • Covers the Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks and the Bunker Convention
  • Deals with the changes to the Lloyd’s Standard Form Agreement 2011
  • Examines the Wreck Removal Convention Act 2011 in detail
  • Discusses recent case law on “Best Endeavours”
  • Assesses the concept of encouragement for the salvor and a proportionate reward, in light of the “Ocean Crown” award
  • Contains all the major salvage documents, international conventions, statutes, rules and regulations so they can be consulted easily
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