Joshua Legal Art Gallery was mainly involved in promoting Malaysian, Singaporean and Indian contemporary arts. Taking note of the vacuum in the legal fraternity, the company gradually moved into the production and retailing of lawyer’s products in 2001.

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Open panel

PART 1: Constitution and organization of Parliament; Chapter 1: The constituent parts of Parliament (excluding Payment of Members)
Chapter 2: Elections
Chapter 3: Disqualification for membership of either House
Chapter 4: Members and Officers of Parliament (including Payment of Members)
Chapter 5: Rules governing the conduct of Members of both Houses and the disclosure of financial interests
Chapter 6: Administration of Parliament and the parliamentary estate
Chapter 7: Parliamentary papers and publications
Chapter 8: A new Parliament and opening and closing of session
Chapter 9: Formal communications between Crown and Parliament and between Lords and Commons
Chapter 10: Parliament and international assemblies

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