Force Majeure and Frustration in Commercial Contracts 1St Edition | 2022

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Force Majeure and Frustration in Commercial Contracts | 2022 By Ben Symons (Author), Joseph Dalby SC (Contributor)

Author Ben Symons (Author), Joseph Dalby SC (Contributor)
Publication Date 30 Jun 2022
ISBN 9781526517111
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing


Description  :

This book examines the theories of force majeure and frustration and how they apply to business contracts. It focuses primarily on the laws of England and Wales and Ireland, but it also covers other UK common law jurisdictions, such as Australia, Canada, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

It discusses the reasoning behind recent decisions in cases like Seadrill Ghana Operations Ltd. v. Tullow Ghana Ltd., Lion Diversified Holdings BHD, and Classic Maritime Inc. v. Limbungan Makmur SDN BHD. The applicable statutory principles are also included in the title. While taking a wide view of these ideas, it is also the first significant study to tie them to, and address, the COVID-19 pandemic.

It presents a thorough and authoritatively studied examination of all topics relating to force majeure and frustration. It was written by top specialists Ben Symons and Joe Dalby SC from top commercial set,36 Commercial. Its practical approach makes it necessary reading for contract attorneys and commercial practitioners to ensure they cover all their bases while working on a case involving frustration or force majeure.


Table Of Content  :

Chapter 1: Introduction to Force Majeure
Chapter 2: General Principles of Contractual Interpretation
Chapter 3: What constitutes a "force majeure" event?
Chapter 4: Prevent, hinder and/or delay
Chapter 5: Beyond reasonable control
Chapter 6: Causation
Chapter 7: Notice
Chapter 8: Material adverse change (“MAC”) clauses
Chapter 9: Force majeure in international case law
Chapter 10: Frustration

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