Islamic Business: Contemporary Issues and Economic Development (E-book)

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Islamic Business: Contemporary Issues and Economic Development By  General Editors: Jothee Sinnakkannu, Mahendhiran Nair, Grace H.Y. Lee

Author General Editors: Jothee Sinnakkannu, Mahendhiran Nair, Grace H.Y. Lee
Publication Date 2014
ISBN 9789674004491
Format E-book
Publisher LexisNexis

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The 2008 Global Financial Crisis, among other things, prompted a review of current banking and financial policies. Many talks have taken place over the last four years to find potential solutions and protections, including the possibility of alternative approaches and systems. The Islamic banking business may surely profit from the collapse of traditional asset prices, with many traditional customers migrating to alternative financial systems.

Islamic finance, which was once limited to OIC member states, is currently practised in 75 countries throughout the world. Its growing popularity among OIC and non-OIC economies is reflected in a growth rate that is at least twice as fast as conventional banking and finance (according to various estimations).

Contemporary Issues in Islamic Business and Economic Development investigate the flaws in today's global financial and economic system. This book emphasises the Islamic system's benefits in averting calamities, as well as the possibilities of implementing different exchange rate arrangements to foster better trade integration and macroeconomic performance.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Islamic Business: Contemporary Issues and Economic Development 

Chapter 1 Islamic Banking & Finance: A Viable Alternative to a Flawed Global System
Chapter 2 Monetary Union among Islamic Economies: Do Conditions Favour the Gold Dinar as Common Currency?
Chapter 3 Islamic Financial Accounting: Developing the Discipline
Chapter 4 Financial Derivatives: Permissibility in Shari'ah System
Chapter 5 Capital Markets: Islamic Versus Conventional
Chapter 6 ASEAN Islamic Banks: Level of Efficiency and Productivity
Chapter 7 Taxation and Tax Incentives: Application in an Islamic Economy
Chapter 8 Attracting FDI: Issues & Challenges for Islamic Banking
Chapter 9 The Islamic Market: Key Challenges to Effective Marketing
Chapter 10 Islamic Deposit Products: Motivation and Preferences of Customers
Chapter 11 Islamic Versus Non-Islamic Societies: Comparing Life, Work Values and Job Satisfaction
Chapter 12 Shari'ah Law: Application in Islamic Banking and Finance

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ISBN: 9789674004491

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