Casebook on Contempt of Court in Malaysia

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Author: A VIJAYALAKSHMI VENUGOPAL has been teaching law for 14 years. The present textbook and  casebook are the result of research she conducted over a period of 12 years, which led to a PhD in law (UKM). She has written an earlier book and has published numerous legal articles in local law journals. Vijaya has been admitted to the Malaysian Bar as an Advocate and Solicitor.

This casebook and its companion textbook are the first and only books available in Malaysia that contain a comprehensive review of all local contempt cases to draw out the legal principles governing the law of contempt across non-Syariah and Syariah courts in Malaysia. The textbook includes additionally a comprehensive review of all legislation containing contempt-related provisions in Malaysia.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive  review  of  authorities  to  draw  out  legal principles
  • Legal  principles  discussed  under  different  categories  and  sub-categories  of contempt
    • Enables quick discovery of applicable and relevant case authorities dealing with specific contempt issue in question
    • Helps reader to easily navigate the diverse forms of contempt
  • Textbook includes review of multiple statutes and wide range of cases to draw out legal principles
    • Contempt-related provisions from over 50 legislations considered
    • More than 100 cases on contempt considered
  • Pulls together a full range of reported contempt cases in Malaysia
  • More than 250 cases on contempt considered and meticulously indexed in casebook
  • Covers contempt cases in non-Syariah and Syariah courts