Conveyancing Practice and Procedure in West Malaysia, 2nd Edition

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Conveyancing Practice and Procedure in West Malaysia, 2nd Edition By Lainah Yow Oi Lin

Author Lainah Yow Oi Lin
Publication Date April, 2014
ISBN 9789674002305


This thorough book on Conveyancing Practice in West Malaysia covers the whole conveyancing procedure, from the time the parties hire a lawyer until the time the sale is finalised and ownership is transferred. Because it concentrates on the method involved in conveyancing transactions, the book is very useful for conveyancing solicitors. It includes not just the most recent legal changes, but also a new chapter on the link between banks and conveyancing transactions. For conveyancing attorneys and real estate professionals, this is a must-have book.

Key Features of Conveyancing Practice and Procedure in West Malaysia
- Written in a simple and succinct manner 
- Contains flowcharts, completed samples and precedents
- For ease of comprehension, each chapter is divided into smaller sub-chapters.
- The focus of this book is on the practise and method of conveyancing transactions.


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