Law of Evidence in Malaysia

Law of Evidence in Malaysia

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Published: 2013

Publisher: Lexis Nexis

Author: Mariette Peters 

Law of Evidence in Malaysia explains the fundamental principles of the subject in a clear, concise and organized manner. It is a comprehensive and well-arranged guide on the law of evidence. Law students and practitioners will find it a valuable aid for a good understanding of the subject. This title provides the reader with a succinct and incisive account of the current law. It is written in a clear and easy to read manner to aid a better understanding and application of


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Burden of Proof
Chapter 3 Presumptions
Chapter 4 Estoppel
Chapter 5 Relevancy
Chapter 6 Hearsay
Chapter 7 Admissions
Chapter 8 Similar Fact Evidence
Chapter 9 Character Evidence
Chapter 10 Opinion Evidence
Chapter 11 Proof
Chapter 12 Documentary Evidence
Chapter 13 Witnesses
Chapter 14 Examination of Witnesses
Chapter 15 Improper Admission and Rejection of Evidence