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The Art Of Cross-Examination (Witness Interrogation Techiniques)

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The Art Of Cross-Examination (Witness Interrogation Techiniques)

Author L. Wellman and Francis L
Publication Date 2014
ISBN 9781497466203
Format Softcover
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


[The Law And Criminal Procedure]

Cross Examination is considered an essential component of a jury trial because of the impact it has on opinions of the judges and jury. Few lawyers practical trial law or complex litigation and typically refer such cases to those who have the time, resources and experience to handle the complex trial and the commitment involved to complete a trial successfully. Few attorneys get the practice necessary to the develop the techniques needed to do an effective job cross-examining a witness.

It is sometimes referred to as an art form, because of the need for an attorney to know precisely how to elicit the testimony from the opposing witness that will help, not hinder, their client's case. Typically a cross-examiner must not only be a effective at getting a witness to reveal the truth, but in most cases to reveal confusion as to the facts such a time , dates people, places, wording etc. More often that not a cross-examiner will also attempt to undermine the credibility of a witness if her or she will not be perceived to be a bully (such as discrediting a very elderly person or young child)

The cross-examiner often needs to discredit a potentially biased or damaging witness in the eyes of the jury without appearing to be doing so in an unfair way. Typically the cross-Examiner must appear friendly, talk softly and sincerely to relax the guarded witness. Or on other occasions the mat start by being more confrontational, unsettling an and already disturbed witness. The typically begin repeating similar basic questions in a variety of different ways to get different responses, which will then be used against the witness a misstatements of fact later when the attorney wants to make their point. If it is too obvious the questions are too clearly repetitive and making the witness nervous, the other attorney may the accuse the cross examiner of badgering the witness. There is a fine line between badgering and getting the witness to restate facts differently that is typically pursued.

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