Admiralty Claims (PRE-ORDER)

Admiralty Claims (PRE-ORDER)

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Francis Rose

Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
Country of Publication: UK

This new work presents a comprehensive treatment of all aspects of Admiralty claims, giving practitioners access to highly authoritative guidance on the procedures. It also explores the underlying legal principles in depth so practitioners are fully equipped to use them in their work.

It goes through all stages of a claim, explaining when the facts justify an Admiralty claim, how to begin and proceed with a claim, how it is enforced, and how the interests of competing claimants and other parties are reconciled. At each stage it makes reference to the relevant EU law and international conventions.

Provides best-practice guidance on all aspects of Admiralty claims
Analyses the underlying legal principles
Explains the Admiralty claims rules and procedures
Advises on practical steps which need to be taken to safeguard and enforce claims
Examines how Admiralty claims rules differ from ordinary claims rules
Deals with all related EU, international and conflict of laws issues
Explains how the new Rome II Regulation fits into the general framework of Admiralty claims
Reproduces relevant legislation, CPR, Practice Directions, Court and other standard forms so everything required is available in one source
Includes the rules of the London Maritime Arbitrators Association


General rules and principles of civil claims.

Subject-matter of maritime claims: maritime property etc, personal jurisdiction.

Dispute Resolution methods.

Nature of Admiralty Claims.

Preliminary measures.

Disputing jurisdiction.

Initiation of Claims, Procedure and Remedies.



Limitation of Liability.

Applicable Laws.

Admiralty Arbitration.

Security, Insolvency and Priorities, distributing the fund.

Enforcement of judgments and awards.