A Practical Manual for Legal Secretaries and Paralegals

A Practical Manual for Legal Secretaries and Paralegals

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 As legal work becomes more complicated and competitive, the work methods in a law office need to become more efficient and productive. Important roles can be played by trained or experienced legal secretaries and paralegals to support lawyers so that they can in turn find more time to deal with more demanding or difficult duties.

The aim of this book is to provide the introductory training for legal secretaries and paralegals to develop the skills necessary to perform these tasks and to eventually take on an independent and highly trained professional legal support role in a legal firm.

It also aims to be a handy resource for the reference of legal secretaries and paralegals with a clear explanation of legal terminology and elementary law. It further gives relevant rules of civil procedure and practice as well as a broad overview of drafting. Guidance on handling law office accounts is also provided.

The very readable text is supplemented by useful appendices which give sample draft documents commonly encountered in practice, including cause papers, affidavits, indorsements, orders and bills of costs.

This book is the first of its kind prepared in the Malaysian context. It should serve as a very useful tool to train and develop skilled and competent legal secretaries and paralegals

Readership: Legal secretaries and paralegals

Jurisdiction: Malaysia