Barrister Robe (Wool & Polyester)

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Barrister Robe (Wool & Polyester)

  • Polyester adds wrinkle and shrink resistance while maintaining a good crease to the clothing. Wool brings antimicrobial help along with warmth, drape, and breathability.
  • Great texture- which translates into smoother against your body, better drape, less itchiness, and so on.
  • Good performance- the wool lasts longer, shrinks less, fades less as well as holds up better in the laundry not to mention any active activities you participate in.

The Barristers Robe is available in different sizes , from 44 Inches – 50 Inches. The material is made of Wool & Polyester. Please advice your height when placing your order.

Bands are sold separately: Mens Band | Womens Collarette

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