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Common Applications in Civil Proceedings

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Common Applications in Civil Proceedings By YIN Yook Khai

Author Yin Yook Khai
Publication Date Feb, 2007
ISBN 9789832631880


Statutory Provisions and Forms (High Court Malaya and Sabah & Sarawak)

This book compiles together the statutory provisions and forms which are used in making common applications in civil proceedings. It is an essential companion for all who undertake civil matters since the very purpose of making any application is to obtain the appropriate order from the court. In this regard, accurately and appropriately drafted applications and orders will greatly facilitate efficient practice of law.

The various applications and draft orders formulated in this book are commonly known to and used by law practitioners in litigation. They can thus be followed and adopted with confidence for use in the High Court of Malaya and Sabah & Sarawak.

The materials in this book are organised according to the various aspects of civil litigation. Each application comes with a corresponding order. The availability of all applications and orders in both English and Bahasa Melayu adds immense value to this book, while its systematic structure enables the easy retrieval of materials.

Common Applications in Civil Proceedings is certainly an invaluable compilation of materials for busy civil litigators and court officers.



  • Extension of time
  • Consolidation of proceedings
  • Service of process
  • Setting aside writ, judgment, order, etc.
  • Default judgment
  • Summary proceedings for judgment
  • Parties to proceedings
  • Striking out action, pleadings, matters, etc.
  • Third party proceedings
  • Interpleader proceedings
  • Dismissal of action, cause or matter due to default
  • Amendment of documents
  • Withdrawal and discontinuance
  • Stay of execution or proceedings
  • Discovery and inspection of documents
  • Interrogatories
  • Interlocutory injunction
  • Reinstatement of action or summons
  • Garnishee proceedings
  • Committal proceedings
  • Judicial review
  • Review of decisions in taxation of costs
  • Change of solicitor
  • Charge actions
  • Miscellaneous



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