Company Law, 3rd Edition by Pearlie Koh | 2017 [eBook]

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Company Law, 3rd Edition by Pearlie Koh | 2017 [eBook]

Author Pearlie Koh
Publication Date 2017
ISBN 9789814770491
Publisher LexisNexis

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The book seeks to present corporation law, a complex topic, in an understandable and easy way. It is an excellent first pick for people who work with or in corporations as well as aspiring students of company law because it is readable while still providing sufficient detail to complex subjects.

The firm is governed by a complicated patchwork of statutory and common law regulations. This book tries to explain these laws. Legal principles that arbitrate the many rights and obligations of the various factions with interests in the company are also explained, along with concepts that define and characterise a company. This third edition has undergone a considerable rewrite in order to include more decided cases, challenging corporate governance and theoretical issues, and to reflect the changes brought about by the Companies (Amendment) Act 2014.

Table of Contents of Company Law, 3rd Edition

Part One Introduction

Ch 1 Introduction

Part Two Internal Affairs
Ch 2 Constitution
Ch 3 Ownership
Ch 4 Management
Ch 5 Directors Duties
Ch 6 Shareholder Actions
Ch 7 Shareholder Remedies
Ch 8 Registration, Administration and Accounts

Part Three External Affairs
Ch 9 Business Contracts
Ch 10 Company Finance
Ch 11 Corporate Liability and Social Responsibility
Ch 12 Creditor Protection

Part Four Expansion and Organisation
Ch 13 Corporate Groups
Ch 14 Going Public
Ch 15 Corporate Expansion and Restructuring
Ch 16 Going Global

Part Five When Things go Wrong
Ch 17 Liquidation
Ch 18 Alternatives to Liquidation
Part Six Epilogue
Ch 19 Summary

Author of Company Law, 3rd Edition

Pearlie Koh

Currently, Corporate Law is taught by Associate Professor Pearlie Koh at the Singapore Management University's Yong Pung How School of Law. Although she has written about contract law, her primary area of research interest is company law. Her works include pieces that have appeared in regional and worldwide peer-reviewed journals as well as the third edition of the LexisNexis book Company Law. Additionally, she has written chapters for other books, including those by Academy Publishing on Corporate Law and The Law of Contract in Singapore.

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ISBN: 9789814770491

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