Contract Law in Malaysia, 2nd Edition

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Contract Law in Malaysia, 2nd Edition by Krishnan Arjunan and Abdul Majid bin Nabi Baksh

Author Krishnan Arjunan and Abdul Majid bin Nabi Baksh
Publication Date 09 August, 2019
ISBN (Hard Copy)


ISBN (Soft Copy) 9789674008567
Format Soft Cover / Ebook

Publisher: LexisNexis

This second edition of the text offers a thoroughly updated and comprehensive account of the law of contract including chapters on Assignment, Bailment and Guarantees and Indemnities, and presents an in-depth exposition of these and other topics in Contract Law in prose that is clear, concise and readable. Case authorities are drawn from the United Kingdom and other common law jurisdictions where relevant, to supplement the extensive reference to local cases in the context of the Contracts Act 1950 and related legislation. The authors have drawn on their extensive experience in professional legal practice, teaching contract law in diverse jurisdictions and a track record of academic research and publication in Malaysia and elsewhere.

A salient feature of the text is that detailed case summaries and extracts from leading judgments are set out in support of the legal principles involved. This approach not only assists the student in appreciating the underlying legal processes, but also to use the book as a ‘stand-alone’ text.


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Elements of Contract
Chapter 3: Offer
Chapter 4: Acceptance
Chapter 5: Consideration
Chapter 6: Intention to Create Legal Relations
Chapter 7: Capacity to Contract and Formalities
Chapter 8: Terms of A Contract
Chapter 9: Exemption Clauses
Chapter 10: Fraud and Misrepresentation
Chapter 11: Mistake
Chapter 12: Other Vitiating Factors
Chapter 13: The Discharge and Conclusion of A Contract
Chapter 14: Remedies for Breach of Contract
Chapter 15: Guarantees and Indemnities
Chapter 16: Bailment
Chapter 17: Agency
Chapter 18: Assignment


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