Istilah Undang-Undang , 6th Edition (E-book)

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Istilah Undang-Undang , 6th Edition

Author Compiled by a team of legal editors
Publication Date Feb 2016
ISBN 9789670915371
Format E-book
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


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NEW IN THIS EDITION of Istilah Undang-Undang:

  • More than 2,500 new Bahasa Malaysian, English, and Arabic terminology and phrases have been added.
  • The Enhanced section includes Arabic terms along with their English translations or meanings.
  • The translations have been updated and corrected.

Since the implementation of the National Language Acts of 1963/67, a large array of legal terminolgy in Bahasa Malaysia has become widely used in Malaysian courts. Furthermore, the rise of Islamic banking and finance, as well as Syariah Law, has resulted in the liberal use of Arabic words in legal writing and documents.

More than 2,500 new terms or phrases in Bahasa Malaysia, English, and Arabic have been added to this new version of Istilah Undang-undang, making it an indispensable tool for legal practitioners, judges, academicians, students, and court officials alike. This application makes it easy to translate legal terminology from English to Bahasa Malaysia and vice versa, as well as to grasp Arabic terms, particularly those employed in the fields of Islamic banking and finance, family law, and criminal procedure.

There has been substantial editorial input since the previous edition was published eight years ago to modify or update translations where necessary. An expanded section includes Arabic terminology with English translations or definitions.

WHO WILL BENEFIT from Istilah Undang-Undang , 6th Edition:

  • the litigator who has to prepare affidavits and make submissions in court
  • the conveyancer who has to draft legal documents
  • the corporate lawyer when preparing commercial contracts
  • the judge when writing judgments
  • the academician when explaining legal concepts and terminologies
  • the student studying law
  • the court official in the daiily administrative work

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ISBN: 9789670915371

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