Law For Business, 3rd Edition | 2022 (E-book)

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Law For Business, Third Edition

Author Adnan Trakic, Nagiah Ramasamy, Cheah You Sum, Paul Linus Andrews, Sri Bala Murugan, P Vijayganesh and Kanchana Chandran
Publication Date Jun 2022
ISBN 9789672723363
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


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This new edition of Law for Business explains and summarises some of the most essential ideas, instances, and legislative measures in business law. The text and materials are organised in a way that anyone, with or without a legal experience, may understand the complicated legal principles of business law.

This edition includes 24 chapters that basically cover the following topics of law: contract law, torts, employment law, company law (i.e. sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations), sales of products and consumer protection, banking, insurance, and takaful law.

Recent judicial decisions and legislation that have an impact on commerce, business, and employees have also been highlighted. The COVID-19 epidemic wreaked havoc on the world economy and society, highlighting the need for swift legal and regulatory answers to the challenges of running a corporation. As a result, the most recent revisions to significant laws, as well as new sets of rules and landmark judgments, have been added.


  • Updates on the law from 2018 through 2021, with a focus on landmark and notable cases.
  • In recent cases, there have been new issues in interpreting section 75 of the Contracts Act 1950.
  • Updates on legislation such as the Sexual Harassment Bill 2021, the Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2020, and the Temporary Measures for Reducing the Impact of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Act 2020, among others.
  • Case facts and findings have been revised, and there have been modifications as a result of recent appellate rulings.
  • A new debate over e-commerce and e-consumer protection has erupted.


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TABLE OF CONTENTS of Law For Business, Third Edition

1. Liability for Negligence 
2. Preparing for Trial
3. Evidential Aspects in Running Down Cases
4. Proving Negligence in a Running Down Case
5. Examination of Witnesses
6. Quantum of Damages for Personal Injuries
7. Fatal Accidents
8. Appeals on Liability and Quantum of Damages
9. Liability of Insurers

10. Settlements 

ISBN: 9789672723363

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