Corporate Rescue Mechanisms In Malaysia by Mak Lin Kum & Shim De Zhen | 2023 (E-Book)

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Corporate Rescue Mechanisms In Malaysia by Mak Lin Kum & Shim De Zhen | 2023 (E-Book)

Author Mak Lin Kum and Shim De Zhen
Publication Date Nov 2023
ISBN 9786297527444
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


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I have no doubt that this work on the various mechanisms available to rescue any corporate sole will quickly become a ready source of reference, quoted and used by the legal and commercial communities.

From the Foreword by
Dato’ Mary Lim Thiam Suan
Judge of the Federal Court
About the Book of Corporate Rescue Mechanisms In Malaysia:
This comprehensive book offers a thorough examination and expert guidance on the array of tools available for corporate rescue. When utilized skillfully by experienced insolvency practitioners, these tools can serve as a crucial lifeline for struggling businesses.

The book delves into essential corporate rescue mechanisms such as corporate voluntary arrangements, judicial management, and schemes of arrangement. The authors blend practical knowledge and hands-on experience seamlessly with legal principles, enhancing the book's indispensability. In-depth discussions of real-world business challenges and complexities enrich the analysis, providing valuable insights.

The book meticulously explores the intricate interplay between different rescue methods, illuminating the path to effective outcomes. Additionally, it prioritizes the interests of various stakeholders involved in rescue efforts. By addressing these aspects, the book bridges a significant gap in local legal and insolvency literature, making it an essential reference for corporate lawyers, insolvency practitioners, judges, business owners, accountants, and finance professionals.
Key Features of Corporate Rescue Mechanisms In Malaysia:
  • Thorough and useful exploration of strategies for saving struggling businesses.
  • Precise instructions on the criteria for each rescue method.
  • Structured explanation of the necessary steps to follow.
  • Emphasis on executing authorized rescue plans.
  • Examination of recent corporate rescue cases in Malaysia.
  • Understanding the practical aspects of corporate rescue, including the importance of integrating liquidation/winding-up elements.
  • Evaluation of how different rescue methods interact to achieve successful results.
  • Overview of the development of the region's legal framework and approach to corporate insolvency and rescue.

Contents of Corporate Rescue Mechanisms In Malaysia:

1. Brief History and Development
2. Parties
3. White Knights, Stakeholders, and Compromise
4. Preparation and Planning
5. Schemes of Arrangement
6. Judicial Management
7. Corporate Voluntary Arrangement
8. Multiple Approaches to Rescue
9. Legal Regime Across Different Jurisdictions
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