Defamation Law: A Primer (E-Book)

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Defamation Law: A Primer by Prof Dato’ Salleh Buang

Author Prof Dato’ Salleh Buang
Publication Date Oct 2020
ISBN 9789672919032
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


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Defamation Law: A Primer is a short work that covers a variety of defamation circumstances that might arise in the Malaysian environment. It is created for a "reader" looking for a basic introduction book on defamation law as it is found in legislation and explained in major court decisions in Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and other common law countries. The use of case law from the United States has also been taken into account.

The book is divided into eight chapters and discusses the relevance of both the right to freedom of speech and expression and the right to privacy on the one hand. The chapters are organised in a logical manner, addressing key concepts such as the essence of defamation, components of defamation, defences, and remedies, as well as current developments and the modernization of defamation law.

Each subject of defamation law is covered, and emerging areas like as defamation on the Internet and in social media have been thoroughly examined with pertinent case law. The assessments of defamation in new domains give useful insight on how the law should be applied in contemporary situations.

Defamation Law: A Primer serves as a simple and fast refresher for busy legal practitioners, corporate counsel, freshly appointed judicial officials, lecturers, and judges, as well as a textbook for students. It will also be valuable to the general public, as well as journalists, reporters, and other media workers in Malaysia and overseas (in radio, television, or print organisations).

  • Written in plain English to make the legal rules of defamation law understandable.
  • Examines defamation on the Internet and in social media, as well as the difficult balance that must be found between the right to free speech and expression and the right to privacy.
  • Major case law from Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and Singapore is reviewed, with cases from other Commonwealth countries and the United States included where appropriate.
  • Extracts from the Malaysian Defamation Act 1957 (Act 286) and the UK Defamation Act 2013 are included in the appendices.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Defamation Law: A Primer

  • Chapter 1: Nature of Defamation
  • Chapter 2: Elements of Defamation
  • Chapter 3: Defamation on the Internet
  • Chapter 4: Defamation in Social Media
  • Chapter 5: Defences
  • Chapter 6: Remedies
  • Chapter 7: Recent Developments
  • Chapter 8: Modernising Defamation Law
  • Appendix I: Defamation Act 1957 (Malaysia)
  • Appendix II: Defamation Act 2013 (UK)

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ISBN: 9789672919032

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