Documentary Evidence, 11th Edition

Documentary Evidence, 11th Edition

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Documentary Evidence, 11th Edition BY Charles Hollander

Author Charles Hollander
Publication Date 2012



Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell U.K.

Documentary Evidence is your comprehensive guide to the legal obligations surrounding the disclosure of information. It guides you through the ways that you should submit, analyze and present documentary evidence when in civil litigation, ensuring that nothing is missed and that full disclosure of relevant information is given by both sides in a case.

What's new?
The new 11th edition is the most significant rewrite since the introduction of the CPR.
Includes a new chapter on electronic disclosure, arguably the single most important reason for the increase in the cost of high court litigation in recent years.
Most significant is a new chapter on “limited, selective and implied waiver” of privilege.
Also includes a new chapter on exclusion of documentary evidence.
The chapter on destruction and deletion of documents has been rewritten.
There is a new chapter on access to court records.
The chapters on privilege have been reorganized and in part rewritten.
Includes important new authority case on the application of whether litigation privilege applies in competition investigations.
The chapter on joint and common interest privilege has been rewritten and there is new authority on when a company's privilege is jointly held by the company and directors or senior executives also concerned in the legal advice.
Includes a range of new jurisdictional issues raised by the ever-expanding Norwich Pharmacal principle.
Covers interesting cases on disclosure from one-man companies, on whether funding documents are privileged, whether a lawyer can be required to reveal his client's address, and new disclosure perils if you change your expert.


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