Documentary Evidence, 11th Edition


Documentary Evidence, 11th Edition By Charles Hollander

Author Charles Hollander
Publication Date 2012
ISBN 9780414024236
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


Documentary Evidence is a detailed reference on the legal requirements for information disclosure. It walks you through how to file, evaluate, and present documentary evidence in civil litigation, ensuring that nothing is overlooked and that all parties in a case provide complete disclosure of essential facts.

The current 11th edition is the most substantial revision since the CPR was first published.

  • A new chapter on electronic disclosure is included, which is likely the single most significant cause for the recent rise in the expense of high court litigation.
  • A new chapter on "limited, selected, and implied waiver" of privilege is particularly noteworthy.
  • A new chapter on the exclusion of documentary evidence is also included.
  • The section about document destruction and deletion has been modified.
  • A new chapter on access to court documents has been added.
  • The privilege chapters have been reorganised and revised in part.
  • Included is a significant new authority case concerning the applicability of lawsuit privilege in competition investigations.
  • The chapter on joint and common interest privilege has been updated, and new authority has been established for when a corporation's privilege is jointly owned by the company and directors or top executives who are also involved in the legal advice.
  • The ever-expanding Norwich Pharmacal concept has produced a slew of new jurisdictional difficulties.
  • Covers fascinating instances involving one-man enterprises, private financing records, whether a lawyer may be forced to divulge his client's address, and new disclosure pitfalls if your expert changes.

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