Estoppel by Conduct and Election, 2nd Edition

Estoppel by Conduct and Election, 2nd Edition

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Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM

One of the strongest justifications for this publication remains the fact that the examined doctrine is one of the most complex areas of modern law and requires clarification, for barristers who specialise in it and solicitors or other practitioners who from time to time need guidance in this area.

Estoppel precludes a person from denying the truth of a statement. There are different kinds of estoppel: by record, by deed, by representation, promissory etc.

Estoppel by conduct and election examines Estoppel in its commercial context looking at the general principles as well as the particular relationships which in which estoppels can arise. It benefits greatly from an in-depth examination of underlying case law actively demonstrating how principles are dealt with in the court.


Covers a complex area in depth, explaining the general principles and application to practice areas
Written by a respected judge, an expert in this field and a proven author
Covers different types of estoppel – promissory estoppel, estoppel by representation, and proprietary estoppel and by convention
It examines the different relationships in which estoppel can arise, e.g. principal and agent, landlord and tenant, bailor and bailee, licensees of IP and bank and customer
Inspects estoppel in different transactions from companies, insurance and insolvency
Illustrates how estoppel works by in-depth analysis of case law
Examines estoppel under both common law and statute
Deals with procedural matters and shows how estoppel can be used as a defence
New to Edition

There are significant updates on the subject of Proprietary Estoppel. Including Estoppel by encouragement, Estoppel by Standing by, estoppels as an equitable cause of action, estoppels by representation etc
Quasi Estoppel and Equitable defences will also be freshly examined including consent to breach of trust
There will be a major update on Promissory Estoppel, including a fresh approach on The Nature of promise, knowledge of rights, intention to affect legal relations and causation