Family Law in Malaysia, Second Edition | 2022 (E-book)

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Family Law in Malaysia, Second Edition by  Akbar Kamarudin @ Abdul Shukor , Daleleer Kaur Randawar , Nur Ezan Rahmat

Author Akbar Kamarudin @ Abdul Shukor , Daleleer Kaur Randawar , Nur Ezan Rahmat
Publication Date 1 August 2022
ISBN 9789672701514
Format E-book
Publisher LexisNexis

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This book explains the present legal status of non-Muslims in Malaysian family law. This mostly deals with circumstances that arise prior to marriage, throughout marriage, following divorce, and with matters involving children. This publication is meant to serve as a legal research tool for academics as well as a guide for future scholars looking to study Malaysian family law. The Law Reform (Marriage & Divorce Act) Amendments of 1976, the Domestic Violence Act Amendments of 1994, and Recent Decided Cases Concerning Family Law in Malaysia are also discussed in this book. A new chapter on the socio-legal concerns surrounding family law has also been included to this version, which will help readers comprehend the subject's content and procedural structure.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Family Law in Malaysia, Second Edition

Chapter 1 Historical Outline of Family Law for Non-Muslim in
Chapter 2 Promise to Marry (Betrothal)
Chapter 3 Domicile and Residence
Chapter 4 Marriage Requirements
Chapter 5 Effects of Marriage on Personal Status and Property
of Married Women
Chapter 6 The Law on Domestic Violence
Chapter 7 Nullity of Marriage
Chapter 8 Dissolution of Marriage
Chapter 9 Ancillary Claims
Chapter 10 Parent and Child
Chapter 11 Socio-Legal Issues in Family Law

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ISBN: 9789672701514

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