Forensic Science – Briefs for the Legal Practitioner

Forensic Science – Briefs for the Legal Practitioner

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By The Forensic Experts Group

This book summarises the various forensic science disciplines and aims to help legal practitioners, investigators, students, and the general public understand the strengths and limitations of each forensic discipline.

The book provides answers to the following questions:

What is each forensic discipline about? What are the key concepts and scientific terminologies?
How does each discipline assist in investigations? What is the value and significance of the evidence?
How is the evidence examined in the forensic laboratory? What are the methodologies, procedures, protocols and quality processes?
What are the challenges encountered in its analysis and interpretation?
At the end of each chapter, there is also a section providing information on court preparation. Local case studies are used to illustrate the types of cases where the forensic evidence is encountered, and how the evidence adds value to investigations. In addition to specific forensic disciplines, chapters on “Quality Management” and “Forensic Ethics” provide insight into the quality standards for the forensic laboratory, and the code of ethics and conduct that governs every forensic personnel.

Lessons gleaned from hindsight of grave consequences resulting from failure to adhere to these foundational and guiding principles are highlighted through various overseas and local case studies. Lastly, the chapter on “The Forensic Expert Witness” expands on the role of an expert witness and how the expert can better assist the legal practitioner in case preparation during the pre-trial phase and during the court trial.