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This book serves as a standard text for conveyancing lawyers and others involved in the housing industry. It analyses the laws concerning the housing industry, focusing on significant issues affecting the business of housing development such as the standard form sale and purchase agreement, housing loans, delivery of vacant possession, defect liability period, sale of housing accommodations to foreign purchasers, the meaning of “housing development”, the licensing of housing development business and the opening and proper operation of housing development accounts. 

The scope and extent of the main legislation, the Housing Development (Control and Licensing) Act 1966, as well as subordinate rules and regulations, are clearly explained with reference to relevant cases and comparisons to legislation from Sabah and Sarawak.
This book will be an essential reference for housing developers, conveyancing practitioners, banks, regulators, and purchasers who wish to understand or to further enhance their knowledge of housing, conveyancing and property law
Chapter 1 Housing Laws in Malaysia and Singapore
Chapter 2 Genesis of Purchaser’s Interest Which Requires Protection
Chapter 3 Housing Terminologies
Chapter 4 Key Role Players in Housing Industry
Chapter 5 Housing Developer’s Licence, Advertisement and Sale Permit
Chapter 6 Standard Sale and Purchase Agreement
Chapter 7 Duration of Statutory Protection Period
Chapter 8 Housing Loans and Deeds of Assignment
Chapter 9 Vacant Possession 

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