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Jackson & Powell on Professional Liability, 8th Edition

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Published: December 2011
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell Ltd

This new 7th edition of Jackson & Powell on Professional Liability starts with an introduction to the general law around professionals.

It clarifies the difference between contractual liability and tortuous liability to establish whether a duty of care exists, if it has been breached, the cause and remedies available.

The book also covers the nature and scope of Professional Indemnity Insurance and the impact of Human Rights on professionals, making it an essential title to stay updated on all the latest changes.

The 1st Supplement was published in December 2012
The Main Work was published in December 2011
Provides detailed explanation of the general principles, including contractual and tortuous liability
Includes expert commentary on the nature of fiduciary duties including unauthorised profits and undue influence
Provides individual chapter coverage of specific professions explaining their responsibilities, duties, obligations and standards of skill to help establish if a duty of care exists
Covers the legal, financial, technology, construction and trademark professions
Includes a dedicated chapter on available defences such as equitable defences and the requirements and procedures to claim this
Covers both common law and statutory obligations
Sets out the defences and remedies that are available to help you prepare your case
Shows the impact of human rights considerations on professional liability cases
Investigates the nature and scope of Professional Indemnity Insurance
Provides detailed analysis of case law showing how the principles work in court
Includes the latest UK and Commonwealth cases
Written by leading experts in this field of law.

Nature of Professional Liability
Duties and Obligations
Contribution between Defendants
Human Rights and Professionals
Professional Indemnity Insurance
Construction Professionals
Medical Practitioners
Regulation of Financial Services
Financial Practitioners
Insurance Brokers
Accountants and Auditors
Members and Managing Agents at Lloyd’s
Information Technology Professionals
Patent Agents and Trade Mark Attorneys
Indexing & Abstracting Services

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