Law of Evidence : A Commentary by Srimurugan Alagan | 2020

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Law of Evidence : A Commentary by Srimurugan Alagan

Srimurugan Alagan
Publication Date Sep 2020
ISBN 9789672339915
Hardcover + Ebook
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell
"This book is a timely and useful addition to the literature on evidence. The insights provided are instructive and will save the readers from spending a lot of time on laborious research."
From the Foreword by
YAA Tan Sri Tengku Maimun binti Tuan Mat
Chief Justice of Malaysia
Every legal matter is built on the foundation of evidence. Every lawyer's toolkit is enhanced by knowledge of the laws of evidence. This book provides section-by-section commentary on the Malaysian Evidence Act 1950 in a straightforward, thorough, and analytical manner. The concepts of law developed over time in both domestic and international cases are meticulously distilled and summarised for the benefit of readers. The importance of Indian court rulings in better understanding evidence law has been carefully researched and explored.
The provisions of the Evidence Act are completely up to date, and helpful cross-references enable readers navigate the complexities of Malaysian evidence law. The commentary is written in an easy-to-understand format and includes key court decisions interpreting and applying the Act.
This book fills a critical gap in the literature by providing a contemporary and complete commentary on the Malaysian evidence laws. It is essential reading for lawyers, judges, court officers, legal advisers, lecturers, and students.
KEY FEATURES of Law of Evidence : A Commentary:
  • The Evidence Act is explained in depth, section by section.
  • Relevant authorities support important applicable principles stated.
  • Considers international instances, particularly those from India, Singapore, and the United Kingdom, that aid in the interpretation and comprehension of some key elements of the Act.
  • Includes historical context and cross-references to other pieces of legislation that complement the Act.
  • The Banker's Book Evidence Act of 1949 and selected provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code are incorporated as appendices.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Law of Evidence : A Commentary

Chapter I Preliminary
Chapter II Relevancy of Facts

Chapter III Facts which need not be Proved
Chapter IV Oral Evidence
Chapter V Documentary Evidence 
Chapter VI Exclusion of Oral by Documentary Evidence

Chapter VII Burden of Proof
Chapter VIII Estoppel
Chapter IX Witnesses
Chapter X Examination of Witnesses
Chapter XI Improper Admission and Rejection of Evidence

List of Amendments

List of Sections Amended

Appendix 1: Banker's Books (Evidence) Act 1949 (Act 33)

Appendix 2: Criminal Procedure Code


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