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LexisNexis Essential Reference – Banking
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LexisNexis Essential Reference – Banking

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The LexisNexis Essential Reference series is a complete and practical guide for all legal practitioners. This legal industry series offers a clear overview of the topics discussed, with cross references to the interpretation and application of specific Acts and related case laws.

This book offers a clear overview of the legislation that governs the financial service industry and aims to explain the legal approach adopted by the courts. Each section of the Financial Services Act 2013 is followed by extensive commentaries with reference to relevant case laws and subsidiary legislations, local and foreign. Summary of local cases as referred as well as recent banking and finance cases are also included. Since banking is an intrinsic part of business, finance, and everyday life, this book is an indispensable guide and essential reference for the banks and financial institutions, practitioners, prosecutors, judges, researchers, students, lecturers, corporate counsels as well as other financial professionals.

Key Features:

• Commentaries to individual Acts are presented for easy reference and the referred cases are reproduced summarily.

• Recent cases with the latest findings and developments of law in the specific practice areas are also included to guide the newest of practitioners and the most highly-experienced practitioners alike.

• Practical and user-friendly, this series will be an invaluable asset for all its users. To ensure efficiency for the user, each book in the series will be presented in the following manner:

• Cases Referred

• Commentaries on Primary Legislation

• Subsidiary Legislation

• Foreign Legislation

• Foreign Subsidiary Legislation

• Rules of Court

• With a variety of wide ranging practice areas, it enables users to access the legal approaches adopted by Courts in respect of the definitive legislation as well as cases reported.

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