Mallal's Criminal Procedure

Mallal's Criminal Procedure

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No of Pages : 1318
Edition :Seventh Edition
Country :Malaysia
Published Date :2012
Publisher: Lexis Nexis 

Over a period of fifty-five years, Dr Bashir Mallal's progressive editions of Mallal's Criminal Procedure have established an enviable and respected tradition. This Seventh Edition continues Dr Mallal?s aims of providing the legal profession with an authoritative and practical guide to the criminal procedure and practice of both the Superior and Subordinate Courts in Malaysia. 

While the work does not claim to be an exhaustive reference on the subject, it is certainly hoped that reference to it may serve to simplify the arduous task of research into its vast area of law, and make transparent the often complex process of the administration of criminal justice and procedure in Malaysia. 

Mallal's Criminal Procedure contains detailed annotations to all the sections of the Criminal Procedure Code. These annotations, supported by relevant authorities, explain and analyse important aspects of criminal procedure as well as provide useful information such as the history of each section and similarities, if any, to the Indian Criminal Procedure Code 1973 and the Singapore Criminal Procedure Code 2010. They facilitate a better understanding of criminal procedure and serve as signposts for further research. 

The annotations to each section have been organised according to the following: 
(1)Scope (or synopsis) of section; 
(2)Cross-references to statutes, encyclopedias and textbooks; 
(3)Amendments; and 
Other important contents of this edition include the Comparative Table and the full updated text of the Evidence Act 1950 and the Penal Code. 

Mallal's Criminal Procedure, Seventh Edition now comes with a supplementary copy incorporating the latest statutory amendments which have come into force since the main book was published. It contains only the sections affected by the amendments with instructions as to where to insert or replace the relevant sections

The affected sections referred to in this supplement include amendments from the following legislation:

-Criminal Procedure Code (Amendment) Act 2010 (Act A1378)
-Criminal Procedure Code (Amendment) Act 2010 (Amendment) Act 2012 (Act 1422) 
- Criminal Procedure Code (Amendment) Act 2012 (Act A1423)
- Criminal Procedure Code (Amendment)(No2 Act 2012 (Act1431)
- Evidence (Amendment) Act 2012 (Act A1424) 
- Evidence (Amendment)(No2) Act 2012 (Act A1432)
- Penal Code (Amendment) Act 2012 (Act A1430)
- Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 (Act736)

This makes the publication the most current refernce material on the Criminal Procedure Code in the market. 

Foreword by Tan Sri Edgar Joseph Jr, Former Judge of the Federal Court of Malaysia 

""Need I say that it is for me, a pleasure to warmly welcome this Seventh Edition of Mallal?s Criminal Procedure. This book worthily carries on the Dr Mallal tradition. To state the obvious, it provides the reader with a model of succinct exposition, combining clarity, thoroughness, and compression. It has been written with the convenience to busy Judges, Legal Practitioners, and Prosecutors; therefore will command a wide readership. The authors deserve to be congratulated with all my heart.""


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Preliminary 
Chapter 2 Criminal Courts In General 
Chapter 3 Aid And Information To Magistrates And Police And Persons Making Arrests 
Chapter 4 Arrest, Escape And Re-taking 
Chapter 5 Processes To Compel Appearance 
Chapter 6 Processes To Compel The Production Of Documents And Other Movable Property And For The Discovery Of Persons Wrongfully Confined 
Chapter 7 Security For Keeping The Peace 
And For Good Behaviour 
Chapter 8 Unlawful Assemblies 
Chapter 9 Nuisances 
Chapter 10 Temporary Orders In Urgent Cases Of Nuisance 
Chapter 11 Disputes As To Immovable, Property 
Chapter 12 Preventive Action Of The Police 
Chapter 13 information To Police And Their Powers To Investigate 
Chapter 14 jurisdiction Of Criminal Courts In Inquiries And Trials 
Chapter 15 Complaints To Magistrates 
Chapter 16 Commencement Of Proceedings Before A Magistrate?s Court 
Chapter 17 Preliminary Inquiries Into Cases Triable By The High Court 
Chapter 17a Special Procedure Relating To Committal In Cases Triable By The High Court Where The Accused Is Legally Represented 
Chapter 18 The Charge 
Chapter 19 Summary Trials By Magistrates 
Chapter 20 Trials Before The High Court 
Chapter 21 Trials Before The High Court With The Aid Of Assessors 
Chapter 22 Trials By Jury Before The High Court 
Chapter 23 Jurors And Assessors 
Chapter 24 General Provisions As To Inquiries And Trials 
Chapter 25 Mode Of Taking And Recording Evidence In Inquiries And Trials; Recording Of Proceedings By Mechanical Means 
Chapter 26 Judgment 
Chapter 27 Sentences And The Carrying Out Of It 
Chapter 28 Suspensions, Remissions And Commutations Of Sentences 
Chapter 29 Previous Acquittals Or Convictions 
Chapter 30 Appeals To The High Court 
Chapter 31 Revision 
Chapter 32 Inquiries Of Deaths 
Chapter 33 Persons Of Unsound Mind 
Chapter 34 Proceedings In Case Of Certain Offences Affecting The Administration Of Justice 
Chapter 35 Maintenance Of Wives And Children 
Chapter 36 Directions Of The Nature Of A Habeas Corpus 
Chapter 37 The Public Prosecutor 
Chapter 38 Bail 
Chapter 39 Special Provisions Relating To Evidence 
Chapter 40 Provisions As To Bonds 
Chapter 41 Disposal Of Exhibits And Of Property The Subject Of Offences 
Chapter 42 Transfer Of Criminal Cases 
Chapter 43 Irregularities In Proceedings 
Chapter 44 Miscellaneous