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Russell on Arbitration, 23rd Edition

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Russell on Arbitration, 23rd Edition By David St John Sutton, Judith Gill & Matthew Gearing

Author David St John Sutton, Judith Gill & Matthew Gearing
Publication Date Dec, 2007




Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell

For 150 years Russell on Arbitration has been a principal authority for practitioners on the subject of arbitration in England. This new 23rd edition follows this precedent to bring you a practical guide to the arbitration process, all the latest arbitration case law and examination of key legislation.

The text goes through each stage of arbitration and offers practical guidance that allows you to advise your clients accordingly. Russell on Arbitration covers the key features of arbitration agreements and includes references to the ICC and LCIA rules so you always have clarity on common provisions and how they apply. The cross referencing to relevant legislation such as the English Arbitration Act 1996 lets you access the applicable statutory framework with ease.

The depth of coverage, expert guidance and commentary combined with its practical focus makes Russell on Arbitration the indispensable guide for today's arbitration practitioner.

Key Features :

  • Gives a clear understanding of the stages of an arbitration from beginning to end, from the appointment of the arbitration tribunal and their powers, to what relief and remedies an arbitration tribunal may award.


  • Examines the detailed provisions of the English Arbitration Act 1996 and case law since its introduction through expert commentary and analysis


  • Discusses the role of the English court during and after an arbitration providing guidance on when the court can intervene in proceedings, enforce or entertain a challenge to an award and enabling you to get the best from the court system


  • Ensures you are fully up-to-date with developments by including all new cases relating to arbitration in England and Wales


  • Brings clarity to the arbitration procedure and provides key guidance on both the ICC and LCIA Rules and on the relevant provisions of tbe English Arbitration Act 1996.


  • Provides comparison between the Arbitration Act 1996 and the UNCITRAL Model Law so you can compare the two and see how and where they apply


  • Gives insight on the role of the English court including the relevant provisions of the CPR


  • Provides precedents to use for arbitration agreements and clauses so arbitration agreements are properly drafted


  • Includes useful checklists to ensure you cover every step in complex procedures covering areas such as: drafting the arbitration agreement, the powers of tribunals and preparing the arbitration claim form in the event of judicial challenge


  • Puts the correct forms at your fingertips including those for notices of arbitration, the appointment of arbitrators, during the reference and awards and court forms


  • Includes a glossary of arbitration terms so you can check on unfamiliar terminology


  • Provides a list of appointing authorities making it easy to locate the correct details for contacts you may need to refer to.



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