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Sarkar Law of Evidence, 2nd Malaysia Edition (E-book)

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Sarkar Law of Evidence, 2nd Malaysia Edition (E-book)  By SC Sarkar

The Malaysian edition of Sarkar’s Law of Evidence is intended to place the Malaysian Evidence Act 1950 within the well-regarded scheme of Sarkar’s. The format of these volumes is such that the Malaysian provisions and their commentaries appear immediately subsequent to their correspondent Indian sections and commentaries. It offers a practical explanation of the law and its issues. This publication is intended to act as an essential reference guide for the law of evidence in India and Malaysia, and provides a clear understanding of the subject matter. This second edition has incorporated the latest development in the Malaysian law as at August 2019.


Volume 1 - 3
(Sections 1 - 167)





 Author  SC Sarkar
Publication Date 2019
ISBN 9789674008673

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