Shackleton on the Law and practice of Meetings, 13th Edition

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Shackleton on the Law and practice of Meetings, 13th Edition

Author Madeleine Cordes, John Pugh-Smith
Publication Date 2016, 13th South Asian edition 
ISBN 9789384746483
Format Hardcover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell Ltd


Shackleton is the essential handbook to company and non-company meeting law and practise. It logically addresses the practicalities of organising meetings at all levels, from the annual general meeting to specialised committee meetings, providing invaluable advice on all aspects of the processes involved, from venue selection to preparation and convening, conduct and minute taking, and adjournment.

The 13th edition also addresses the ever-present issues of defamatory utterances, breach of the peace, and director's responsibilities. The book covers the information needed to prepare, conduct, and close a meeting, which is crucial to the day-to-day practise of legal professionals, business secretaries, administrators, directors, local governments, and all other organisations that have formal meetings.

  • The legal ramifications of public and private meetings are discussed.
  • Members' meetings, director's meetings, and shareholder meetings are examples of company-specific meetings.
  • In the context of company meetings, explains the resolution process and how one is obtained.
  • The reader is directed to the relevant requirements in statutory particular meetings under section 425 of the Companies Acts.
  • Provides samples of 'working' practise company meetings.
  • At director's meetings, examines the directorship's powers and responsibilities.
  • The provisions for appointing and affirming an office holder are discussed.
  • Worked samples of board meetings are provided.
  • Examines the differences and needs of a meeting involving a firm that is about to enter or is already in insolvency.
  • Short of the winding-up process, the appointment provisions of proxies are detailed.
  • The reader is directed to the appropriate form of meeting for winding up an insolvent corporation.
  • The reader is guided through the many criteria of a local government / NGO meeting, as well as the reporting and diligence standards that must be met.
  • This document explains how to properly announce and attend a public meeting.
  • Defines defamatory statements, how to report them, and how to respond to them.
  • Provides an explanation of the components of a good meeting, including what you'll need, how to chair, and how to communicate effectively.
  • Explains how to handle breaches of the peace and how to keep meetings peaceful.
  • The reader is informed about the distinctions and needs of private and public meetings.
  • It explains how to call meetings and how they should be organised and conducted.
  • Describes a number of effective strategies for taking and conveying minutes.
  • The Local Government Act 2012 has been fully amended to take into consideration the execution of a number of sections relating to local government.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Shackleton on the Law and practice of Meetings, 13th Edition

Part 1 Public Meetings

  • The Legal Right
  • Breach of the Peace and other aspect of Criminal Law
  • The Maintenance of Order
  • A Public Meeting

Part II Meetings for the Transaction of Business

  • Convening the Meeting
  • Constitution and Adjournment of the Meeting
  • The Conduct of the Meeting
  • Minutes
  • The Committee System
  • The Principles of Natural Justice

Part III Meetings Relating to Companies

Section A: Introduction

  • Applicable Law and Other Matters

Section B: Meeting of Members

  • Members’ Meetings: Status and Convention
  • Constituting a Members’ Meeting
  • Members’ Meetings: Attendance and Voting
  • Members’ Meetings: Resolutions
  • Members’ Meetings: Minutes
  • Class Meetings
  • Meetings under s 425 (Compromises and Arrangements)
  • Meetings of Members of Companies: Examples in Practice

Section C: Meetings Relating to Directors

  • Powers and Duties of Directors
  • Appointment to and Departure from Office
  • Constitution and Conduct of Directors’ Meetings
  • Board Meetings: Examples in Practice

Section D: Meetings in Company Insolvency Situations

  • Meetings in Insolvency Situations, Short of Winding Up
  • Meetings in Insolvency Situations, Winding Up
  • Proxies and Company Representation in an Insolvency
  • Members’ Voluntary Winding Up

Part III Meetings of Local Authorities

  • Meetings
  • Local Authorities and Other Bodies – Access to Meetings and Information

Part V Defamatory Statements

  • Defamatory Statements

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