Sweet & Maxwell’s Precedents of Pleadings by Bullen & Leake & Jacob,18th Edition

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Sweet & Maxwell’s Precedents of Pleadings (2 Volumes) By Bullen & Leake & Jacob,18th Edition

Author Bullen & Leake & Jacob (Authors), The Hon. Mr Justice Blair (Editor), Lord Brennan (Editor), The Rt. Hon. Sir Robin Jacob (Editor), The Hon. Mr Justice Langstaff (Editor)
Publication Date Dec, 2017
ISBN 9789390529438 ( South Asian Edition )
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell 
Precedents of Pleadings by Bullen, Leake, and Jacob is widely regarded as the definitive reference to crafting statements of case. It provides the advocate with a library of authoritative, organised precedents of statements of case, complete with instructive commentary, in both general and specialty fields of practise.
  • Presents a wide choice of modern drafting templates that can be easily customised for individual situations.
  • Covers all types of lawsuits, from basic ones like employment law to more odd ones like sports law (109 chapters).
  • Examples of allegations and defences are included.
  • On each precedent, provides explicit practical guidance backed up by legislative and case law developments.
  • Written by a team of more than 60 barristers.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Precedents of Pleadings by Bullen & Leake & Jacob, 18th Edition

Assault, False Imprisonment and Malicious Prosecution
Assignment of Contractual Rights
Banking and Financial Services
Business Law
Computers and IT
Entertainment Law
Environmental Claims
Human Rights and References to the European Court of Justice
Immigration and Judicial Review
Intellectual Property
Invasion of Privacy
Personal Injury
Professional Negligence
Sports Law

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