The Annotated Rules of the Court of Appeal 1994 by Srimurugan Alagan (E-Book)

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The Annotated Rules of the Court of Appeal 1994 by Srimurugan Alagan

Author Srimurugan Alagan
Publication Date Nov 2019
ISBN 9789672339274
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


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The Annotated Rules of the Court of Appeal 1994 provides invaluable rule-by-rule annotations to the Rules of the Court of Appeal 1994, shedding insight on how the Rules are applied and interpreted. It was authored by a seasoned litigator with in-depth understanding of Malaysian civil process and appellate practise. The Rules' whole text is accompanied by high-quality annotations that are informative, practical, and authoritative, allowing for a confident comprehension of the Rules' workings.

Each rule's important terms and phrases are explained using local and international case law as well as academic literature. With the addition of cross-references from the provision being annotated to similar provisions that function along with it, this publication allows rapid and easy research. Litigation lawyers, judges, court personnel, and civil procedure students should find the annotations extremely valuable.

This publication, when combined with The Annotated Rules of the Federal Court 1995, provides a complete and thorough reference to practise in Malaysia's appellate courts.

KEY FEATURES of Annotated Rules of the Court of Appeal 1994:

  • Simple and concise commentary on the Rules written rule by rule.
  • The commentary is backed up by numerous citations to case authorities.
  • All defined terms have direct cross-references to the section where each definition can be located.
  • The user can quickly and easily discover a specific provision or Part of the Rules thanks to clear page aids.
  • The adjustments made by the relevant Amendment Rules 2018 are included.
  • A complete index is included for convenient access to the annotations.

CONTENTS of The Annotated Rules of the Court of Appeal 1994

Chapter 1: Preliminary and General

Chapter 2: Civil Appeals
Part I  Appeals
Part II  Notice and Memorandum of Appeal
Part III  Applications
Part IV  Address for Service and Service
Part V  Paupers
Part VI  Change of Parties by Death, Etc.
Part VII  Evidence and Affidavits
Part VIII  Motions and Other Applications
Part IX  Costs
Part X  Court Fees

Chapter 3: Criminal Appeals
Part I  Commencement of Appeal and Proceedings Prior to Hearing
Part II  Applications
Part III  Presentation of Cases, Etc.
Part IV  Miscellaneous
Chapter 4: Miscellaneous
Part I  The Registry
Part II  Sittings and Vacations
Part III  Notices, Printing, Paper, Copies, Office Copies, Minutes, Etc.
Part IV  Effect of Non-Compliance

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