The Law of Electronic Surveillance (2 Volumes)

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The Law of Electronic Surveillance (2 Volumes)

Author James G. Carr, Patricia L. Bellia and Evan A. Creutz
Publication Date 2015
ISBN 9780314801739
Format Softover
Publisher Thomson Reuters


The Law of Electronic Surveillance examines the difficulties surrounding the government's use of electronic equipment to obtain evidence. It includes critical advancements and notable cases with over 2,500 case citations.

Key topics include:

  • Objecting to court-ordered wiretaps
  • Search warrants issued electronically.
  • Surveillance by foreign intelligence.
  • Evidence suppression was secured.
  • Other identification evidence, such as voice exemplars
  • The attorney for a defendant is under electronic surveillance.
  • Evidence gathered through electronic monitoring may have legal applications.
  • Electronic surveillance is confronted and challenged.
  • Using an electronic search engine.
  • Illegal electronic surveillance carries criminal and civil repercussions.
  • Prior to 1968, there were several sorts of electronic surveillance and legal advances.

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