The Law & You: Elections

The Law & You: Elections

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This book is a collection of essays loosely based on the theme of elections. It is not meant to be a book describing all you need to know about elections, but addresses some topical issues that may be on the minds of the average person on the street relating to elections and what happens thereafter. 

Some of the issues taken up in these essays include the functioning of the Election Commission, the prospect of a two-party system, party-hopping and anti-defection laws. Questions related to Parliament and how Parliament and its members are supposed to function are also addressed, as well as issues related to the day-to-day business of governing that comes after general elections – the relationship between those who have been elected into power and the civil service, the decision-making process of those in positions of authority and the need to carry out their duties in the best interest of the public. 

A better appreciation and understanding of these issues will contribute towards a better Malaysia with good and capable people chosen to represent its citizens and better functioning of its public institutions.

Readership: General Reading

Jurisdiction: Malaysia