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The Real Deal: Law Firm Leadership That Works

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The Real Deal: Law Firm Leadership That Works (PRE-ORDER) By Paul Smith and Sally Dyson

Author Paul Smith & Sally Dyson
Publication Date Oct, 2019
ISBN 9780414072077

Practice Area: Legal Profession
ISBN: 9780414072077
Published by: Sweet & Maxwell
Authors:Sally Dyson; Paul Smith
Publication Date: 23 Oct 2019
Subscription Information: Non-Subscribable Product
Format: Paperback

The experiences of Paul Smith, recent Chairman of Eversheds Sutherland, form the backbone of this brand new book in which Sally Dyson, executive coach and business consultant to the legal sector, interweaves accounts from pioneering law firm chiefs who have transformed the fortunes of their firms.
Building on the lessons of experience, combined with the voices of clients and the predictions of industry and academic experts, this book tackles the key issues that all current and emerging law firm heads must conquer if their firms are to thrive.

Key Features
Addresses the specific and evolving challenges faced by modern law firm leaders who have to translate general management theory for their own use.
Identifies the threats and opportunities faced by today’s legal leaders and examines the paths being taken by some of the world’s most successful and forward-thinking firms.
Examines the practicalities of how a leader gets things done in a law firm, particularly how to influence staff, partners, potential clients and merger partners.
Rather than prescribing a one-size fits all solution, this book recounts the real experiences of highly respected leaders who describe how they approached business critical human resources, client, finance and strategic issues to shape their firms and includes honest assessments of the mistakes they made along the way and lessons learned.
Readers will be inspired to develop their own vision of what their firms could achieve and how to get there.



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