Construction Law, 4th Edition (3 Vols.) by Julian Bailey | 2024 *


Construction Law, 4th Edition (3 Vols.) by Julian Bailey | 2024 (Coming Soon)

Author  Julian Bailey
Publication Date  July 2024
ISBN  9781916749146
Format  Hardcover
Publisher  London Publishing Partnership


**Expected Delivery Period: 14 - 28 Working Days Upon publication

Now in its fourth edition, "Construction Law" by Julian Bailey stands as the authoritative reference for construction law practitioners worldwide. Spanning more than 3,300 pages across three volumes, it offers an exhaustive analysis of the major issues in construction and engineering projects, including extensive references to case law, statutes, regulations, standard contract forms, and legal commentary. This updated and expanded edition is essential for legal professionals and is affordably priced for individual practitioners and postgraduate students.

Key Elements of Construction Law, 4th Edition (3 Vols.) | 2024 :

  • Revised fourth edition of the authoritative reference guide for construction law professionals.
  • This edition cites approximately 2,345 new judgments and awards.
  • Offered at an attractive price and beautifully crafted.
  • Revised up to the end of February 2024.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Construction Law, 4th Edition (3 Vols.) | 2024 :

Volume I
Table of contents
Preface to the fourth edition
Table of abbreviations
Table of cases
Table of arbitration awards
Table of statutes
Table of statutory instruments
1. The legal and commercial frameworks
2. Contract formation
3. Contract terms
4. Procurement
5. Contract administration

Volume II
6. Price and payment
7. Variations
8. The site
9. Breach of contract and termination
10. Negligence
11. Time
12. Security for performance
13. Damages
14. Defects

Volume III
15. Consultants
16. Intellectual property
17. Insurance
18. Statutory regulation of work
19. Home building contracts
20. Subcontracts, assignment, novation, waiver and estoppel
21. Employment, health and safety
22. Bankruptcy and insolvency
23. Dispute resolution
24. Statutory adjudication
25. Arbitration
26. Litigation

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ISBN: 9781916749146

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