Delivery Information


GDex Courier

Courier providers will take 1-3 working days to deliver to your doorstep depending on the location. 

Tracking number will be provided via email once shipped. 

RM0.99  – RM150.00  (RM20.00)
RM150.01  – RM250.00 (RM30.00) 
RM250.01  – RM350.00 (RM40.00)
RM350.00  – RM450.00 (RM50.00) 
RM450.01  – RM550.00 (RM60.00) 
RM550.01  – RM700.00 (RM70.00) 
RM700.01  – RM1,000.00 (RM80.00) 
0.99 kg – 5.0 kg (RM200.00) 


For International orders, Customers can instruct the courier companies to pick up the goods. Alternatively we can provide a reverse pick up or send you a quote to send your consignment through the local speed post.

GDex Courier

RM0.99  – RM100.00 (RM200.00) 
RM100.01  – RM200.00 (RM300.00) 
RM200.01  – RM300.00 (RM300.00) 
RM400.01  – RM500.00 (RM300.00)
RM500.01  – RM600.00 (RM300.00) 
RM700.01 – RM900.00 (RM300.00)
0.0 kg – 5.0 kg (RM500.00)