Constitutional Landmarks in Malaysia

Constitutional Landmarks in Malaysia

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Malaysia Celebrates its 50th years of independence of Merdeka, on August 31 2007. "Constitutional Landmarks in Malaysia- The First 50 Years" is being published to commemorate this historic milestone.

This unique book provides comprehensive and in-depth expert analysis on the evolution of the Malaysian constitutional system since Merdeka Day.

Written by a team of distinguished and respected scholars, members of the Malaysian Bar and Jucidiary, this book contains a number of scholarly essays, historical photographs, potted biographies of important figures, timelines and lists of office holders.

It examines major landmarks over the last 50 years, including the creation of Malaysia in 1963, the separation of Singapore, the robust defence of constitutionalism in Sabah, the recognition of Orang Asli land rights, the emergence proclamation of May 1969, the constitutional crisis of 1983 and 1993, the 1988 judiciary crisis and the saga of Anwar Ibrahim.

The fallout from these major events is explored and the changing patterns of constitutionalism analysed.