Paget's Law of Banking, 15th edition

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Paget's Law of Banking, 15th edition by John Odgers QC

Author John Odgers QC
Publication Date December 2018
ISBN 9781474310284
Edition 15th Edition
Publisher LexisNexis Butterworths


The banking law bible - a definitive work on this subject with a huge reputation 

Paget's Law of Banking, first published in 1904, has established itself as the premier practitioner work on banking law, combining careful accuracy and detail with a straightforward approach to this complicated field.

The 15th edition has been updated and expanded to present a totally current approach to the subject matter, while remaining unique in delivering a comprehensive, clear, and accurate statement of banking law, with a focus on the concepts that drive the case law. New in this edition:

  • LIBOR [London Interbank Offered Rate] and implied misrepresentation
  • International sanctions and illegality
  • Ring-fencing.
  • Data/confidentiality protection.
  • Mis-selling.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Paget's Law of Banking, 15th edition

With contributions from 3VB Chambers

Part 1 – The Regulatory Framework
1 Bank Regulation
2 Money Laundering
3 Protecting and Disclosing Information

Part 2 – Banks and Customers
4 The Relationship and Contract of Banker and Customer
5 Types of Account
6 Special Customers
7 Safe Custody

Part 3 – Bank Lending
8 Loans
9 Consumer Credit
10 Appropriation of Payments
11 Hierarchies of Lending
12 Syndicated Lending

Part 4 – Security
13 The Taking of Security
14 Lien and Set-Off
15 Charges over Debts
16 Pledges
17 Mortgages of Land
18 Guarantees

Part 5 – Customer Insolvency
19 Insolvency Jurisdictions
20 Company Insolvencies
21 Individual Insolvencies

Part 6 – Payments
22 The Paying Bank – Obligations between Bank and Customer
23 Unauthorised Payments
24 The Payment Services Regulations
25 Electronic Payment Systems
26 Cheques
27 Cheques and Conversion
28 Restitution, Proprietary Claims and Tracing

Part 7 – Investments and Financial Products
29 Advising on Financial Products
30 Retail Derivatives

Part 8 – Interference by Third Parties
31 Attachment
32 Freezing Injunctions
33 Compulsory Disclosure

Part 9 – Letters of Credit and Performance Bonds
34 Demand Guarantees and Performance Bonds
35 Documentary Credits: General
36 Documentary Credits: the Presentation, Examination and Rejection of Documents
37 Documentary Credits: Compliance of Documents

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