The Closing Chapter by Lord Denning (South Asian Edition) | 2008


The Closing Chapter by Lord Denning (South Asian Edition) | 2008

Author Lord Denning
Publication Date South Asia Ed, 2008
ISBN 9780199692156
Format Softcover
Publisher Oxford University Press

Lord Denning's autobiography, The Family Story, is continued in Book One's The Closing Chapter. In it, he describes the events surrounding the release and subsequent removal of What Next in the Law as well as his decision to step down as Master of the Rolls with an unflinching and moving candor. He has played a unique role in some of the most contentious legal matters of the day, which are fascinatingly described in Book Two.

Table of Contents of The Closing Chapter by Lord Denning (South Asian Edition)

Book One

Section One
My Last Months as Master
1.:A calamitous fortnight
2.:The summer term
3.:The last day of the summer term
4.:The long vacation

Section Two
Autumn Leaves
1.:A judge of silk
2.:The cathedral at Winchester
3.:Dinner at the Inner Temple
4.:A luncheon at the Savoy
5.:The cathedral at Norwich
6.:Abortion in the Lords
7.:A look at the Law Lords
8.:The family at Christmas

Section Three
1.:Plain English
2.:After Christmas - the water strike
3.:The Sikh boy's turban

Book Two
Discipline up to Date

Section Four
Statutory Interpretation again up to the Fore

Section Five
Public and Private Law - A New Dichotomy
1.:The coming of judicial review
2.:A notable difference
3.:Law and politics

Section Six
Trade Unions
1.:Up to the 1906 Act
2.:The Industrial Relations Act 1971
3.:The 1974 and the 1976 Acts
4.:New legislation imperative
5.:The 1980 Act
6.:The closed shop
7.:Trade Unions go 'poaching'
8.:The European Convention

Section Seven
Conflicts in the Courts
1.:Locus standi
2.:Liberty of the subject
3.:The Mareva up to date
4.:Who can get a Mareva?
5.:Anton Piller up to date
6.:Delay in arbitrations
7.:Withdrawal clauses in charterparties
8.:High Trees up to date
9.:Interlocutary injunctions up to date
10.:The difference in approach
11.:Exemption clauses up to date

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ISBN: 9780199692156

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