Stephen King CUJO

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Stephen King CUJO

Author Stephen King
Publication Date 2016
ISBN 9781501143694
Format Softcover
Publisher Pocket Books



The #1 national bestseller for Stephen King's rabid fans, Cujo "hits the jugular" ( The New York Times ) with the story of a friendly Saint Bernard that is bitten by a sick bat. Get ready to meet the most hideous menace ever to savage the flesh and devour the mind. "Once upon a time, not so long ago, a monster came to the small town of Castle Rock, Maine." Cujo used to be a big friendly dog, lovable and loyal to his trinity (THE MAN, THE WOMAN, and THE BOY) and everyone around him, and always did his best to not be a BAD DOG.

But that all ends on the day this nearly two-hundred-pound Saint Bernard makes the mistake of chasing a rabbit into a hidden underground cave, setting off a tragic chain of events. Now Cujo is no longer himself as he is slowly overcome by a growing sickness, one that consumes his mind even as his once affable thoughts turn uncontrollably and inexorably to hatred and murder. Cujo is about to become the center of a horrifying vortex that will inescapably draw in everyone around him--a relentless reign of terror, fury, and madness from which no one in Castle Rock will truly be safe...

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