About Us

Originating from the visual arts scene in Singapore year 1985, Joshua Legal Art Gallery was mainly involved in promoting Malaysian, Singaporean and Indian contemporary arts. Taking note of the vacuum in the legal fraternity, the company gradually moved into the production and retailing of lawyer’s products in 2001.

Although initial progress was slow, the Gallery was always consistent in providing the necessary quality while showcasing its products across Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and India.

In 2007, the company leased a permanent showroom at the high court complex in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. This strategic situation presented the Gallery the opportunity to provide supplies such as law books and law journals. As an assurance to the Gallery’s quality, there were numerous occasions when Joshua Legal Art Gallery was able to successfully source for specialized law books from their associates in U.K.

Simultaneously, customers wanting to sell or buy second hand law reports and other volume bound sets are able to do so at this one stop Gallery. It is a constant endeavor of Joshua Legal Art Gallery to provide legal profession with the most reliable comprehensive and up-to-date law information at a reasonable price.

In addition to supporting the needs of the legal community in and around the law courts of Kuala Lumpur, the Gallery has for years been exporting legal products to clients from all corners of the world. It is the Gallery’s aim that their “out of town” and “overseas” guests continue to return to the bookshop whenever they are in Kuala Lumpur.