A Practical Guide to Specific Performance (E-Book)

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A Practical Guide to Specific Performance (E-Book)

Publication Date
February, 2016


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The procedure for requesting relief from specific performance, the use of summary process to get relief from specific performance, and the equitable nature of specific performance and the court's discretion are all explained in this book with a focus on practise.

In order to assist busy practitioners, the Practical Guide Series offers a vital and useful reference tool in a number of technical areas of Malaysian legal practise. With cross references to pertinent forms, laws, and case law, each book in the series focuses on giving the user an in-depth overview of the subject before providing a brief step-by-step instruction on the procedure specific to that field of practise.

The fourth book in the set is this new one. An introduction to the fundamental ideas behind the law of specific performance is provided in A Practical Guide to Specific Performance. It outlines key elements required when creating cause documents for the requested relief. Additionally, it describes the requirements for getting certain relief through a simple procedure.

In a nutshell, this book offers a practical explanation of:

- The court's discretion and the equitable nature of specified performance.
- The process for asking for release from a particular performance.
- whether a summary process can be used to get rid of a certain performance.

This book, which was written with a focus on Malaysian legal practise, will be a priceless resource for practitioners, scholars, law students, in-house counsel, and pertinent governmental organisations.

Table of Contents of A Practical Guide to Specific Performance

  • Practice
  • Forms
  • Legislation
  • Cases
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ISBN: 9789674004743

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