A Practical Guide to the SIAC Rules By Paul Sandosham


A Practical Guide to the SIAC Rules By Paul Sandosham

Author Paul Sandosham, Nish Shetty, Harpreet Singh, Nehal SC, Kabir Singh
Publication Date 23 February, 2017
ISBN 9789814770460
Format Softcover
Publisher LexisNexis


A Practical Guide to the SIAC Rules provides an in-depth, article-by-article analysis of the most recent version of the SIAC Rules, which was released in late 2016. It includes references to pertinent court judgments and statutory provisions and is written in a practical and accessible language. The Guide is the result of substantial research into the Rules, particularly the operation and impact of many of the new provisions, which have only been in place for a short time.
Mr. Gary B. Born, President of the SIAC Court of Arbitration, writes in the foreword:
This book, written by experienced and respected foreign practitioners, comes at an ideal time, contributing to the expanding body of international arbitration commentary available in Singapore and on SIAC. The writers have taken on the monumental challenge of giving a rule-by-rule analysis based on Singapore's cutting-edge arbitration law.
The book's wide scope and variety of analysis are a testament to the authors' experience and the institutional strength of their practise. The book's systematic approach will be extremely useful to both practitioners and users, and I am convinced that it will become a must-have resource for the international arbitration community in Singapore and beyond.

The Right Honorable Chief Justice of Singapore, Chan Sek Keong (11 April 2006 – 5 November 2012):
In 2016, the SIAC Rules were updated in a number of key procedural areas, rendering all commentary and recommendations obsolete. This practical guide, authored by a team of experienced arbitration counsel from Clifford Chance, is a must-have for any prospective arbitrator unfamiliar with the SIAC Rules, as well as for those arbitrators who don't have time to keep up with recent court decisions on the SIAC Rules.

TABLE OF CONTENTS OF A Practical Guide to the SIAC Rules

A. Introduction
B. Commencement of Arbitration
C. Multiple Contracts, Parties, and Arbitrations
D. Formation of Arbitral Tribunal and Challenge of Arbitrators
E. Conduct of the Arbitration
F. Powers of the Tribunal
G. Awards and Relief
H. Costs
I. Miscellaneous

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ISBN: 9789814770460

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