Absolute Guilty Lawyer Gavel and Block Set With Box


Absolute Guilty Lawyer Gavel and Block Set With Box

"Gavel and block" refers to a set of tools used in a courtroom setting. Here are the details about each component:

1. Gavel: Also known as a ceremonial mallet, a gavel is a tiny object that is normally made of wood but can also be made of metal or ivory. A judge or other presiding official uses it to uphold order in the courtroom and mark the conclusion of a hearing or important decision. The gavel's striking of the sound block (also known as the sounding block) is meant to elicit attention and quiet.

2. Block or Sound Block: The block is a tiny, rectangular piece of wood that is put on the judge's bench. It is also referred to as the sound block or soundboard. The sound the gavel makes as it strikes the block is audible. The block's function is to enhance the gavel's sound so that everyone in the courtroom can hear it clearly.

The gavel and block represent the judge's or the court's presiding officer's authority and power collectively. They act as both audible and visual signals to preserve decorum and mark significant points during court proceedings.

GAVEL: L:24.13, H:8.89, W:4.57 (CM)

BLOCK: H:3.45 , Diameter :11.94(CM)

BOX : L:26,H:8,W:13(CM)

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