Akta Jualan Barangan 1957 (Akta 382) (Hingga 5hb Sept 2023)

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Akta Jualan Barang 1957 (Akta 382)

(Hingga 5hb September 2023

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Detailed Contents Of Akta Jualan Barang 1957 (Akta 382) :

The Akta Jualan Barangan 1957 (Akta 382) is a Malaysian law that regulates the sale of goods in the country. It was enacted in 1957 and has since undergone several amendments.

The purpose of the law is to protect consumers from unfair business practices, such as misrepresentation, false advertising, and the sale of defective or unsafe products. The law also sets out the rights and obligations of both buyers and sellers in a commercial transaction.

Under the Akta Jualan Barangan 1957, a seller is required to provide accurate and complete information about the goods being sold, including their quality, quantity, and price. The seller must also ensure that the goods are safe and fit for their intended use. If the goods are found to be defective, the buyer is entitled to a refund or replacement.

The law also requires sellers to provide clear and accurate labeling on their products, including information on the ingredients, expiry date, and any potential hazards or risks associated with their use.

In addition to regulating the sale of goods, the Akta Jualan Barangan 1957 also sets out provisions for warranties, guarantees, and product liability. For example, if a seller provides a warranty or guarantee for a product, they are legally obligated to honor that promise and provide a remedy if the product does not meet the stated terms.

If a consumer believes that a seller has violated the Akta Jualan Barangan 1957, they can file a complaint with the relevant authorities, such as the Consumer Claims Tribunal or the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs.

Overall, the Akta Jualan Barangan 1957 is an important piece of legislation that plays a crucial role in protecting consumers from unfair business practices and ensuring the safety and quality of goods sold in Malaysia.

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