All Malaysia Reports (AMR) 2023 Bound Volumes*

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All Malaysia Reports (AMR) 2023 Bound Volumes*

Publication Date Jan 2024
ISBN 0128 6420
Hard Cover (8 Vols) + Law Review (1 Vol)
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


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Accessing Malaysian case law is significantly improved with the utilization of the All Malaysia Reports (AMR). Its prompt and dependable reporting of appellate and High Court rulings renders it indispensable for judges, lawyers, legal professionals, scholars, and law students alike. Thoughtful curation of cases guarantees that decisions featuring novel and pivotal legal points are brought to the forefront for readers.

Each case is accompanied by a concise and easily comprehensible summary. Key issues addressed in each case and the court's decision are underscored, accompanied by pertinent page, paragraph, and line references. A structured index streamlines the process of researching and locating relevant case precedents.

The AMR is compiled by a dedicated and proficient team of in-house editors committed to ensuring precision through meticulous editorial procedures, including rigorous proofreading and verification of case citations prior to publication.

Undoubtedly, the AMR stands as the quintessential series of Malaysian case reports.

AMR 2023 Bound Volumes comprises:
· 70 issues in print
· 8 binding indexes
· 8 Buckram binder covers
· An annual cumulative index
· AMR e-Alert
· The Law Review
o 4 issues
o 1 binding index
o 1 buckram binder cover

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ISBN: 0128 6420

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