Annotated Laws of Singapore (5-Volume Set)

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Annotated Laws of Singapore (5-Volume Set)

Publication Date October 2021
ISBN 9789815019018
Hardcover (5 Volumes)
Publisher LexisNexis


The Annotated Laws of Singapore is a new flagship collection offering extensive legal commentary on local legislation, featuring comprehensive and detailed annotations by legal experts. These explanatory notes provide a section-by-section analysis of the provisions within each Act or statute.

Modeled after LexisNexis' authoritative Halsbury’s Statutes of England and Wales, each statute is fully reproduced and accompanied by detailed annotations, making the Annotated Laws of Singapore an ideal starting point for research on key legal matters.

Key Elements:

- Context for the legislation where relevant, such as enactment history, objectives of the legislation, and explanatory statements from the bill's readings in Parliament.
- Comparison with legislation from other jurisdictions, where applicable.
- Clarification of statutorily defined words and phrases.
- Cross-references to other sections of the Act and related legislation.
- References to legal precedents from Singapore and other countries

Table of Contents of Annotated Laws of Singapore (5-Volume Set):

Volume 1A: Corporate and Commercial

Annotation Competition Act (Cap 50B)

Hire-Purchase Act (Cap 125)

Sale of Goods (United Nations Convention) Act (Cap 283A)

Supply of Goods Act (Cap 394)

Volume 1B: Corporate and Commercial

Bills of Exchange Act (Cap 23)

Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act (Cap 30B)

Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act (Cap 53B)

Electronic Transactions Act (Cap 88)

Frustrated Contracts Act (Cap 115)

Limited Partnerships Act (Cap 163B)

Misrepresentation Act (Cap 390)

Partnership Act (Cap 391)

Unfair Contract Terms Act (Cap 396)

Volume 2: Criminal Law

Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act (Cap 65A)

Misuse of Drugs Act (Cap 185)

Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act (Cap 190A)

Protection from Harassment Act (Cap 256A)

Terrorism (Suppression of Financing) Act (Cap 325)

Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act 2019

(Act 18 of 2019)

Volume 3: Court Practice and Procedure

Civil Law Act (Cap 43)

High Court (Admiralty Jurisdiction) Act (Cap 123)

Legal Profession Act (Cap 161)

Limitation Act (Cap 163)

Reciprocal Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act (Cap 265)

Supreme Court of Judicature Act (Cap 322)

Singapore Convention on Mediation Act 2020 (Act 4 of 2020)

Volume 4: Employment, Family, Health, Entertainment and Environment

Adoption of Children Act (Cap 4)

Employment Act (Cap 91)

Guardianship of Infants Act (Cap 122)

Mental Capacity Act (Cap 177A)

Public Entertainments Act (Cap 257)

Retirement and Re-Employment Act (Cap 274A)

Family Justice Act 2014 (Act 27 of 2014)

Remote Gambling Act 2014 (Act 34 of 2014)

Resource Sustainability Act 2019 (Act 29 of 2019)

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